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How safe is your charger?

As we all move forward in this ever changing technical world and rely more and more upon electrical devices, each of us will, no doubt, own at least one charging device in order to supply power and charge our devices.

We should all be aware that chargers can actually cause fire and therefore should be used safely and correctly. The first thing to consider is the actual charger itself.  When it comes to charging your phone, tablet, kindle, laptop etc., you should always buy a branded  charger or purchase one from a reputable, reliable retailer making sure it is the correct charger for the device it is intended for.

Distinguishing the Extinguisher

You discover a small fire either at home or at your place of work.  What would you do? Knowledge is key and with it comes confidence which could affect the way you would react which in turn could save your life and lives of others.

First thing you should know is how to use a fire extinguisher.  There will be no time to read instructions in an emergency fire situation.  It is also important to know when is it safe to tackle a fire.  Always ensure you or someone raises the alarm and the emergency services are called prior to any further actions. Remember your safety is the number one priority!

Fire won’t wait, plan an escape

Fire Kills!

If I was to say the words ‘Evacuation Plan,’ immediately your mind would spring back to that picture on the back of the door of the hotel room you stayed in, your work place, or of cold spells spent on the playground after the dreaded school fire drill.

With a high percentage of fires actually starting within the home, then why is an home evacuation plan so often overlooked? Maybe it is because, rightly so, that we see our home as our safe haven and we simply don’t think that it could happen to us?

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